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Gold Dredger

Gold Dredger


Gold Dredger is a kind of built in engineering pontoon boat and float on the surface of selecting unit, it generally includes mining, washing, beneficiation, tailings abandoned and power generation, water supply, power supply, such as transverse equipment.

This series of gold mining ship advanced technology, reasonable structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance. After many years of production practice proves that this kind of placer gold panning ship production has high mechanization degree, great capacity of production, less investment, quick effect, etc. Is a placer gold production joint acquisition of advanced equipment.

A, structure principle:

HR – WD72 panning for gold chain bucket vessel ship, the ship’s equipment is composed of eleven parts and systems.

1, the mining system: by sand-excavating bucket, chain, underwater big arm, upper and lower corners of wheel, main power, main reducer, main frame, etc. Mainly used in overburden and the ore mining operations.

2, mineral processing equipment: the gold trommel, screen, choose gold combination chute and a pipe, gold washing unit (roughing equipment), jig (selected), used for complete ore washing, dressing, broken, screening, conveying, roughing, such as selection of operation.

3, tailing abandoned system: consists of belt conveyor, chute, motor, reducer and so on, for the abandoned gravel and tailings.

4, water and mineral sand conveying system: water pump, water pipe, combined chute and hopper, etc. Used for water and sediment transport.

5, winding system: by large arm lifting hoist, fishing rope winch, lateral movement anchor windlass, winch, etc, used in ship, ship and mooring, the transverse and underwater big arm lifting, lifting operation, etc.

6, gantry: consists of channel steel, Angle iron, iron plate and block and tackle, connection and fixation of catamaran, underwater big arm movements such as homework.

7, hull and ship facilities: there are flat boats and all kinds of hull facilities, used for gold mining ship all kinds of equipment installation and structure, make smooth panning ship floating on the water.

8, the upper structure and the control center, including the main square, cab, railing, ladders, hanger, mounts, etc., are used to support and installation support, fixed double hull and used in a variety of facilities and equipment, guarantee the gold rush ship gold when the operation is convenient, reasonable, safe and reliable.

9, anchor: anchor, anchor translation ahead, oil silk rope, two anchor, two translational anchor.

10, power systems, R6105 diesel generator set, power distribution cabinets, console (installed in the cab), oil pipe lines, etc. Used to work for the ship to provide lighting, electricity, etc.

11, electric control system: electrical control system, generator control, electric drive, electric control and lighting parts, used to drive and control the ship’s gold mining, ore dressing, water supply, power supply, transverse, etc all kinds of electrical equipment and QuanChuan lighting.

Second, the gold mining ship performance characteristics

Performance characteristics, by sand-excavating system extracted from river lakes, reservoirs, coastal sand, after screening machine of cylinder rolling mineral will be undressed ore separation of mud, gravel, after processing, and other impurities through mineral chute, into gold washing unit, under the jet hydraulic flushing, through gold washing machine processing, undressed ore can be divided into coarse ore and tailings, undressed ore by mineral chute into the unit select gold, the gold unit selection, storage tank of concentrate into gold, gold cleaner produce waste chute ruled out. Tailings by gold slipped bed (with sticky gold cloth) into the next procedure, if you want to choose iron powder can be set high intensity magnetic separation machine, selection of iron powder, sand or sand carrier by belt conveyor to the shore, iron powder may have a chute into the storage tank of iron powder. If you don’t need to choose iron or don’t sand can be directly to the yellow row.

This equipment is divided into one roughing and two selected, tailings to slip, large quantity, choose the method of gold recovery rate is high, three times hardly run ore, gold recovery rate can reach more than ninety-seven percent; Iron powder can be selected at the same time, washing sand, and complete the iron powder conveying at the same time, the sand transport and so on work flow; Less investment and large gains. Is the most ideal choice for your gold ore dressing sand mining.


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