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Gold Mining Jigs

Gold Mining Jigs

Jig description

Jig is one of the modern re-election equipment, due to its large processing capacity, particle size range, simple operation and maintenance, is widely used as a roughing or selected for separating gold, tin, titanium, hematite, iron ore, coal and other minerals, especially widely used in manganese ore field.


Characteristics of jig

Ores are fed into the jigging chamber, due to the effect of agitating of the diaphragm, the particles in the medium according to the proportion of layered, fine particles, heavy particles through artificial bed clearance and mesh, and ore of sedimentary in jigging in the bucket, the upper rough and light particles (material) is medium flow to sieve at the end of the row ore mouth, because after the jigging chamber is lower than the location of the jigging chamber 50 mm, so the light particles after former room transom spill into the room, again by the jig, finally, the proportion of different mineral separation, finish sorting work.


Working principle of jig

According to mineral density (density) stratified sampling, and light and heavy mineral discharge respectively, but from all kinds of jig hypothesis can be seen in the comments, there is no set of complete and unified theory of jig, so according to all kinds of hypothesis and the production practice experience, the essence of jigging process can be summarized as follows:

(1), the mineral particles in jig is mainly according to the proportion of stratification. Jig can not only narrow separation level of ore grain, but also effective sorting level and not wide grading of the mineral grains.

(2), in the process of jig, the higher the proportion of medium, the greater the proportion difference between ore grain, the separation efficiency is higher.

(3), keep the bed layer is the necessary precondition is loosely hierarchical. Bed loose degree is insufficient, the ore difficult to transfer to each other, and thus lose the possibility of delamination. Therefore in the process of jigging extended bed in a loose state time as far as possible, in order to improve the capacity of jig and improve separation effect.

(4), the influence of the ore grain size and shape on the layered ore mainly in grain and the medium between the period of relative speed is greater. So when sorting is not graded material in jigging should as far as possible to shorten the cycle of relative speed and prolong the period of the larger relative speed larger period keep bed has larger tightness.

(5), the water should have a larger positive acceleration and smaller negative acceleration; Drop water, should have smaller positive acceleration and larger negative acceleration.

(6), drop jig is the suction effect of the water stratification of one aspect, it can improve the level of narrow and not graded ore jigging effect, but the intensity of the suction effect and duration should be according to the nature of the raw material to choose.

(7), jig fine ore, increasing the frequency of the water flow movement in jig can improve separation effect.

(8), appropriate to add some in bed high proportion of fine ore grain, can improve the grade of ore jigging not effect, but have to adjust the jig, in order to strengthen the suction effect.

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