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Trommel and Scrubber For Gold Mining in South America

Trommel and Scrubber For Gold Mining in South America

One of our customer in South America  has a problem with gold mining.

75% of gold in our mine site is flower gold, their size ranges from 40 micron to 250 micron. 45% of the raw material is between -16mm+1.5mm.

5-6 of diamond normally makes up one carat of diamond. The alluvial mining activities in our area were done in the thick alluvial white sand deposits, layers of gravel,compact sand,conglomerate,duricrust,clays and ferrous limonitic saprolite formation. Our area mainly consist of thick accumulation of transported sediments like white to brown colour sand, at some places conglomerate underlain by mineralized gravel,followed by clay and compact sand. The size of stone is 1.7mm and 1.9mm,so those stone will mix with diamond concentrate

The real problem is that, find gold covered with clay.  And they require 90% recovery on both gold and diamond.

And we design a gold trommel + scrubber mining machine for clients. Total four step for gold mining.

trommel scrubber for gold mining


a) Left trommel + Right Scrubber. The scrubber can wash clay away. The trommel can get -16mm material.

After trommel, +16mm materil will go to tailling. -16mm materil will go though trommel mesh.

b) Then use a sluice/chute, we get +5mm -16mm material (heavy concentrate).

c) And the use a concentrator, we get -5mm material (heavy concentrate). The concentrator is the highest recovery machine for gold. But it can only recover -5mm material.

d)Finally, we use shaking table to recover heavy concentrate, and separate diamond and fine gold.


1. +16mm is that, the diameter is bigger than 16mm

2. -5mm is that, the diameter is smaller than 5mm


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