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Gold Sluice with Mat

Gold Sluice with Mat

gold sluice

Gold Sluice is the most common method to get gold. It has different size, some is longer, some is wider. In china, we all use 6*1 meter size.  The mat also has many different type. Some company use rubber mat, and we use plastic mat.  Not much different. Last month, I saw some local miner use coarse mesh gauze as a mat. I was shocking, but apparently it works.


The first red sluice box is welded. It’s our old sluice. But it maybe leak after 2-3 years. So when we found this problem. We custom made the above new black integral forming sluice box from professional foundry. It has been years, no problem any more.

The green mat is used for gold particle. For fine gold, we suggest this yellow mat. From the photos, you can see the “grass” is more crowded and soft. It can catch more fine gold. It’s also purchased from Japan Mitsubishi company. ( A lot mat in china market is cheap quanlity. Need to avoid it)

fine gold sluice mat

For coarse gold particle, we don’t suggest use yellow mat. Because all kinds of mat has a problem: The heavy concentrate was traped by the “grass”, and it will block the grass very quickly. Then it will become a smoth surface on the top of mat. So the gold will slide out.


This is a photo of our testing. When raw material includes clay, the mat will be blocked very very soon. So after a few hours, the miner need to take mat out and wash it.

Of course, times fly, more and more equipment is invented to fix this problem. Hdraulic Riffle and Waving Sluice is a better choice now. We will introduce them one by one later. Kindly subscribe our Website or Facebook, please.

This is Leo Soong. Feel free to contact me if you have any question. 🙂

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